Value of Eco-Label on Organic Vegetables

  • B Sukajie Universitas BSI, Indonesia
  • C M Noor Universitas BSI, Indonesia
  • A Suparwo Universitas BSI, Indonesia
  • Y Komalasari Universitas BSI, Indonesia
  • R D Sulastriningsih Universitas BSI, Indonesia
  • L Hakim Universitas BSI, Indonesia


The purpose of this study reviews the impact of eco-label on organic vegetables towards customer green awareness. The study is triggered by the low of customer attention for organic products at Supermarket. Research method is conducted by survey to customer at Supermarket who has known organic products to 100 respondents. Data analysis technique is through factor and correlation analysis, also there is research model tested by hypothesis. Research finding is stated that eco-label; on organic vegetables cannot improve customer green awareness on organic products. The value of eco-label is not assumed to be important by customer, in fact of eco-label is one of differentiators of organic products with conventional product.

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Sukajie, B., M Noor, C., Suparwo, A., Komalasari, Y., D Sulastriningsih, R., & Hakim, L. (2019). Value of Eco-Label on Organic Vegetables. Proceeding Interuniversity Forum for Strengthening Academic Competency, 1(1), 29 - 34. Retrieved from