The Construction of Cirebon Palaces Existence in The Digital Era

  • I H Agustina Universitas Islam Bandung, Indonesia
  • A M Ekasari Universitas Islam Bandung, Indonesia
  • I Fardani Universitas Islam Bandung, Indonesia
  • H Hindersah Universitas Islam Bandung, Indonesia


Cirebon city is situated in West Java Province, Indonesia, until now, still has three palaces as its past relics, namely Kasepuhan Palace, Kanoman Palace and Kacirebonan Palace. The existence of those palaces must be maintained as a cultural heritage in accordance with the provisions of Law no 11 of 2010 on Cultural Heritage. Efforts to maintain their existences need high cost, while funds from the government are not sufficient. This article is the result of construction through the reflective action of Cirebon palaces phenomenon. The construction was carried out inductively from the field phenomenon. The result is a conception that was then created to be a basis for conducting a dialogue with the theory that is considered to have relevance to the findings of the concept. The results of this paper are the concepts and recommendations to maintain the sustainability of the existence of the palace and then be used as new knowledge for other palaces in maintaining their existence as cultural heritage centres.

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Agustina, I., Ekasari, A., Fardani, I., & Hindersah, H. (2019). The Construction of Cirebon Palaces Existence in The Digital Era. Proceeding Interuniversity Forum for Strengthening Academic Competency, 1(1), 439. Retrieved from