Value of Social Responsibility to Green Customer

  • Didin Syarifuddin STP Ars Internasional, Indonesia


This study aims to analyze the correlation of social responsibility and green marketing  awareness  is  conducted  by  company  and  its  impact  to  customer  purchasing behavior. This experimental research is done by survey to customer at Supermarket which is about 100 customers in Bandung City. Data is obtained by questionnaire and data is processed by multiple regression analysis and also hypothesis test to emphasize research result. Research finding is stated that purchase intention of environmental friendly product at Supermarket can be controlled by green marketing awareness. Other strategies like social responsibility is done by Supermarket and it does not impact well to customer purchase intention for environmental friendly product. Company in determining marketing strategy depends on the final destination that wants to be achieved. Social responsibility cannot be marketing strategy because company’s necessity is assumed commonly by customer.

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