Leadership Style in Indonesia: Does National Culture Effect It?

  • C Triwibisono Telkom University, Indonesia


Although leadership traits are similar across countries, the style of leadership differs. Much research has been done regarding leadership style, but no one has discussed the Indonesian national culture influences on effective leadership style in Indonesia. The behavior of leadership develops through adaptation with the context and culture of the community. Understanding the effect of culture on leadership behavior will provide insight on effective leadership. This study aims to analyze the influence of Indonesia’s national culture to effective styles of leadership within Indonesian organization. A review of literature was conducted to determine the key concepts of national culture and connect them with leadership styles. Our study argues, from the five types of leadership style, the most effective style of leadership for Indonesian culture is consultative leadership. This style includes communicating transparently with the staff, building a team, and involving staff in decision making. This research is useful to assist enterprise leaders to understand the culture of Indonesia and adjust leadership style appropriate to the nation culture.

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