The City Branding Component of Lampung Province Indonesia: Nemui-Nyimah and Banana Chips

  • D Hidayat BSI University, Indonesia
  • A Anisti BSI University, Indonesia
  • T Suhartini BSI University, Indonesia
  • D Sandini BSI University, Indonesia
  • F Fatimah BSI University, Indonesia


This article discusses personal and product branding, with the purpose of establishing their relationship with the people of Lampung. In this study, personal branding involves the characteristics of the culture and personality of Lampung people, while product branding is associated with their most common food. The research uses constructivist paradigms, qualitative approaches and ethnographic studies of public relations. This research found that (1) a friendly and open character (nemui-nyimah) is a personality brand of Lampung people. This brand is well managed through personal branding activities. (2) Product branding was in the form of food products, banana chips, and these branding products were developed and maintained by introducing various innovations. The product was made in many varieties of banana flavour, the newest being banana flavoured potato chips. These differentiations became a pattern of customer service or customer relations in the social media (CRM) of Lampung people. Products branding in the form of banana chips, and personal branding in the form of falasafah in the form of community life namely Nemui Nyimah, are aspects or components in building city branding in Lampung. City branding as a distinctive feature of Lampung which is known by the general public.

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Hidayat, D., Anisti, A., Suhartini, T., Sandini, D., & Fatimah, F. (2019). The City Branding Component of Lampung Province Indonesia: Nemui-Nyimah and Banana Chips. Proceeding Interuniversity Forum for Strengthening Academic Competency, 1(1), 323 - 331. Retrieved from