Religiosity-Economy Simulacra within Sundanese Adat Law amidst the Acceleration of Digitalization and Technology

  • A F Susanto Universitas Pasundan, Indonesia
  • H Septianita Universitas Pasundan, Indonesia
  • R Tedjabuwana Universitas Pasundan, Indonesia


Local (Adat) law of Indonesia in all aspects of life holds the characteristics of instant, concrete, communal, and religious. The relation of man and its surroundings was bound with the spiritual aspect so that any destructing behaviors may imply “bala” (mala-), plague, or disaster. In its development, such principles particularly living in Sundanese community start to slowly shift, erode and fade in day to day life, and transform into other formal ceremony for the sake of image and tourism. The magic-religious values as the characteristics of local law is starting (also) to shift into economic values such as accelerated advantage. This research used philosophical and conceptual approaches which are combined with the hermeneutical study to obtain a comprehensive picture of hidden reality. This research was expected to discover new principles, norms of the more lenient local law and that of can respond the changes. The relation in the local community changed in a sense that it entered the abstract, consensual, and lenient principles. The religious concept and its adaptation and modification enters the “digitalization of religiosity-economy” of which the relation of man with the universe and its creator was constructed through digital, capital, and economic relation for the image fulfillment. Spirituality was determined by the news and live reports on what was happening in the world through the culture of media and “law of acceleration”. Giant enterprises constructed networks prying people consumption. Media has successfully created a massive symbolic power by forcing the life to enter entertainment world to be enjoyed by layers of community.

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