Enhancing Student’s Competitive advantage in Technology Based University

  • E Soegoto Universitas Komputer Indonesia, Indonesia
  • S Luckyardi Universitas Komputer Indonesia, Indonesia


The research was aimed at investigating competitive advantage of students in technology-based university and to what extent their competitive advantage can be enhanced. The research was performed through a case study in a private university in Bandung, which applies bases of technology in almost all activities of learning and administration. The methodology used was quantitative method by implementing validity test, reliability tests, and simple linear regression to analyze the percentage of relationship between Student Competitive Advantage and Technology Based University. Data collection was conducted by spreading questionnaires on 261 respondents and was rated with Likert Scale. Data retrieval from related division, interview, and literature review were also performed for additional data. The finding of the result has led to the significance of student’s competitive advantage in Technology based university. It means the application of technology is a major factor in winning the competition in field of global education. The findings contribute in providing recommendation for building technology-based university and shifting university management from conventional to technology-based university.

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