Implementation of Gamification into Management of Education for Motivating Learners

  • U Rahardja STMIK Raharja, Indonesia
  • Q Aini STMIK Raharja, Indonesia
  • Y I Graha STMIK Raharja, Indonesia
  • A Khoirunisa STMIK Raharja, Indonesia


As we know now, Indonesia has begun to enter the era of revolution 4.0 which in that era many changes occurs in all fields. Included in the field of education, the changes that happen in the world of education today is so significant with the start of abandonment of teaching methods that still use conventional way. Keeping track of tasks with books, face-to- face communication, collecting tasks in hardcopy, which of course will cause many losses in a certain period of time, such as many long-buried tasks and hard to find when needed. The learning method is considered a dull way, where students can not explore in the learning search for the number of files that have been collected. So from now on the application of learning  methods is changed with the concept of gamification. Gamification learning method was made to keep up with the times when the students prefer to play games rather than learn, therefore gamification methods can be applied to educational management in higher education. It is expected that the method can increase students' interest in learning so that it motivates to explore the ability in the learning process.

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Rahardja, U., Aini, Q., I Graha, Y., & Khoirunisa, A. (2019). Implementation of Gamification into Management of Education for Motivating Learners. Proceeding Interuniversity Forum for Strengthening Academic Competency, 1(1), 209. Retrieved from