The Effect of Proactive Personality on Entrepreneurial Intention

  • N P N P Wijaya Universitas Widyatama, Indonesia


Entrepreneurship is a creative and innovative ability used as a basis, tips, and resource to seek opportunities for success. An entrepreneur was developed through these processes. Recently, the profession of entrepreneur is thriving since it can overcome the existing economic problem, namely unemployment. The synergy among the government as a regulator, private sector as a provider of capital, and universities as education providers develops a strong foundation in creating entrepreneurs. Universitas Widyatama is one of the higher education institutions creating entrepreneurs. However, many factors determine the process, one of which is internal factors (proactive personality). Therefore, this research aimed at investigating the effect of proactive personality factor on entrepreneurial intention. 100 students of the Faculty of Business and Management at Universitas Widyatama were taken as respondents. This research employed the linear regression analysis method. The findings revealed that proactive personality had a significant effect on the entrepreneur intention by

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