Purchase Intention Based on Environmental Knowledge

  • D P Alamsyah Universitas BSI, Indonesia
  • Y Triyani Universitas BSI, Indonesia
  • W N Sari Universitas BSI, Indonesia
  • I Zuniarti AMK BSI Jakarta, Indonesia
  • A Solihat AMIK BSI Bandung, Indonesia
  • R Rahmayani ASM BSI Bandung, Indonesia
  • A Setiadi AMIK BSI Kawarang, Indonesia


Customer behaviour in doing the purchasing of environmental friendly products is influenced by customer knowledge to environment. It becomes a study background of the correlation of environmental knowledge and green purchase intention. Experimental study is conducted by survey to 100 customers of Supermarket who have knowledge for environmental friendly products. Research testing through hypothesis test is based on quantitative questionnaire. Research finding is known that customer green purchase intention for environmental friendly product can be started by environmental knowledge. The highest knowledge that is most famous by customer for environmental friendly products relates to information of no animal testing on product, organic vegetables, unleaded petrol, and minimum information of materials on product. Environmental knowledge is important to be improved to customer; it encourages the growth of environmental friendly products and healthy lifestyle.

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Alamsyah, D. P., Triyani, Y., N Sari, W., Zuniarti, I., Solihat, A., Rahmayani, R., & Setiadi, A. (2019). Purchase Intention Based on Environmental Knowledge. Proceeding Interuniversity Forum for Strengthening Academic Competency, 1(1), 28. Retrieved from http://proceedings.conference.unpas.ac.id/index.php/ifsac/article/view/114